Why did you become an educator?

I can't say I wanted to become a teacher, teaching actually found me.  I started as an after school activities coordinator at Cary Middle School and I fell in love with the community.  The grant that allowed me to work at Cary ended and in order to continue working with that community I had to become a teacher. I was blessed to be offered a teaching position at Cary and accepting the offer was one of the best decisions I could have made. Since then it has been a beautiful journey growing in this career.

What’s your favorite part about being an educator?

The students - it's cliche, but so true. Each year I meet these amazing students who allow me to write a chapter in their lives, introduce me to their families, and tell me about their hopes and dreams. I also have to mention the amazing friends I have met throughout the years.  I have come to meet several colleagues that have become lifelong friends and who have molded me to be the teacher I am.

What makes your approach to teaching unique?

I run my class like a TV series, I bring real world connections to my lessons and leave them with cliffhangers each day so they'll come back for more.  I create parodies that students can relate to using current events and cultural habits. along the way building a safe classroom culture that's fun and engaging.

How has TEC helped you in your career as an educator?

As teachers we have such busy schedules and sometimes as much as we want it's hard to connect with other teachers, but TEC creates that opportunity.  Whether it's at a professional development or in a casual setting you get to connect and meet with other professionals and build a support system.

University of North Texas

  • BS, Psychology

Dallas Baptist University

  • MA of Education School Counseling

  • MA of Arts Counseling


Department Chair, Rusk MS, Cary MS:  English Language Arts & Reading
Grade Level Chair: Rusk MS 8th, Cary MS 6th & 8th
Head Volleyball Coach, Rusk MS, Cary MS
Head Soccer Coach, Cary MS
UIL Coach Destination Imagination: Rusk MS, Cary MS
Student Council Sponsor: Cary MS
AVID Site Team National Demonstration School: Rusk MS
Teaching Trust Teams, 2016-2017
Teaching Trust Teams 2, 2017-2018
Distinguished Teacher 2015-2019
DISD Alternative Certification Teacher Trainer, 2018-2019