At TEC we want our members to play an integral role in leading the organization into the future.  We have a vision for a vibrant professional community this fiercely relevant and valuable to the teachers it serves, and we are convinced that this vision can only become a reality if that community is led by the teachers themselves.  

To that end we are excited to announce the formation of The Educator Collective Advisory Board, a council of educators that will serve as TEC’s core column of leadership. These educators will be an indispensable resource as we plan future programming and recruit members.  

We have started the Advisory Board with five committed TEC members, all noted below. However, our vision is to add more educators in the months and years ahead. If you are interested in this unique leadership opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Join us in congratulating this year's appointees.


Taylor Henry
Woodrow Wilson High School


Joi Bowers
Billy Earl Dade Middle School


Shafarion Romashyn
Dan D. Rogers Elementary School


Erika Shisler
Thomas C. Marsh Preparatory Academy