• Smokey Rose (map)
  • 8602 Garland Rd
  • Dallas, TX
  • United States

Join TEC as we kick off Wellness Month on Friday, February 1st with dinner and an intimate conversation with special guest Dr. John Gasko, Dean of the UNT Dallas School of Education. Dr. Gasko will discuss the rehumanization of the teacher in the midst of a performance driven era in education.  We will discuss how to reclaim the notion “to love the teacher is to love the learner." We’ll have an engaging group conversation over dinner and drinks at Smoky Rose in East Dallas.  You won’t want to miss it!




For too long the focus of education reform has been largely centered on the epidemic of student drop-out, achievement, and attainment outcomes. In our quest to drive high-performance at all costs, we have created a parallel epidemic in education, namely a meteoric rise in teacher drop-out. Unfortunately, this epidemic has largely gone unaddressed with solutions
largely targeted through monetary incentives and non-differentiated professional development that largely “misses" the mark.

Fortunately, a revolution is underway that privileges a "rehumanization of the education machine" and reclaims the notion that to "love the teacher is to love the learner." Through the lenses of applied neuroscience research, cutting edge brain and body interventions, and processes by which schools can (re)imagine what it means to be human in the midst of its daily toil, this talk will push participants to peer beneath the surface and consider alternative ways to bend the arc towards student success without breaking the arc for the adults on the front lines of teaching and learning.